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Badger's Peeps 'n' Cronies

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Peeps 'N' Cronies

This is the list of the characters of a Badger. That's me!
I wanted to do something that helped me keep track of my characters.
If the name is in italics, the character has not been used before.
If it is in strikethrough, they are currently in one or more role plays.
If the name is bold, then there is a craving for that particular character.
If you would like to collaborate on a roleplay with a certain character of mine, just let me know!
Thank you!

|*| Female 
|* | Male
|•• | World of Darkness
|•• | Modern
|•• | Fantasy
|•• | Futuristic

{m} - Mature/Sexual Content
[&] - Graphic/Gore Content
[>] Embraced/Vampire
[<] Lycanthrope/Werewolf
[~] Futuristic/Sci-Fi
[%] HPverse
##] Mortal, Non-powered
[**] Mortal, Powered

Currently In Play
Wants To Be Played
Yet To Be Played

*| •• | Amon Cullen Entwhistle
*| •• | Astoria Malfoy
*| •• | Alberich Pace Langstrom
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | Cove Silversail
*| •• | Caitlin Murray Croft
*| •• | Charlotte Manning
*| •• | Conner Alexis Greyback
*| •• |

*| •• | Draco Malfoy
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
*| •• | Holly Robinson/Catwoman
*| •• | Hugo Weasley
*| •• |

*| •• | Icarus Flint
*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | J'ran of Ruatha Hold
*| •• | Jonathan Lestrange
*| •• | Juliet Titiana Kirke
*| •• | James Sirius Potter
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | Lucifer Harker
*| •• |

*| •• | Myasa
*| •• | M'Rissa of Bendan Weyr
*| •• | Mathias Greatheart
*| •• | Mael Asmodeus Prince
*| •• | Maddison Elizabeth Hatter
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | Pheona Reeves
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | Raven/Rachel Roth.
*| •• |

*| •• | Sarah Huntington
*| •• | Sara Pezzini
*| •• | Starfire/ Koriand'r
*| •• | Sydney Harper
*| •• | Sokka
*| •• | Stella Harley Enwhistle

*| •• | Toph
*| •• | Tamrid Malachai Reid
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• | Wendall Vincent Monroe Sciuto
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

*| •• |
*| •• |

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Basic Character form




Type: (i.e. Human, Vampire, etc.)

Sexuality(Optional, but helpful):

History (Optional, but helpful):

Interesting Fact:



Anything else:


Second Character form, more detailed
Distinguishing marks:


Type of childhood:

Self perception:

Interesting fact:


Most In-Depth Character form

[Basic Personal Information]
Birth Date:
Current Residence:

[Family and Personal Information]
Birth Order:
Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood even that still affects them: Why?
Past failures that still affect them: Why?

[Physical Characteristics]

[Personality Traits]
Habits: (smoking, drinking…)
Speech patterns:
Style: (Elegant, shabby…)
Greatest flaw:
Best quality:

[Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes]
Educational Background:
Intelligence Level: Any Mental Illnesses?
Learning Experiences:
Character’s short-term goals:
Character’s long-term goals:
Self Perception: How do they see themselves?
Demeanor: (how they act and seem around others) How do they believe others see them? Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination of both?
Optimist or pessimist: Why?
Introvert or extrovert: (shy or outgoing) Why?
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:

[Relationships with others]
Relationship skills:
Significant Others:

First impression:
What happens to change this perception?
What do family and friends like most about the character?
What do family and friends like least about the character?

[Emotional Characteristics]
Introvert or Extrovert?
How does character deal with life situations and emotions: (Anger/Sadness/Conflict/Change/Loss/Sex/Homosexuality)
What do they want out of life:
What would the character like to change in their life:
What makes the character happy:
Is the character judgmental of others:
Generous or stingy?
Polite or rude?

[Spiritual Characteristics]
Does character believe in God?
What are their spiritual beliefs?
Is religion or spirituality a part of their life?
If so, what part does it play?
Chinese Zodiac?
Astrological Zodiac?

Favorite color:
Favorite music: Why?
Least favorite music: Why?
Mode of transportation: Daredevil or cautious? Same when alone?
Most prized possession: Why?

[Miscellaneous Notes]
Describe relationships with this character and changes to relationships over the course of the novel:

How is character different at the end of the novel than at the beginning:

What if:

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Alias: Cove Silversail
Type:  Half Human- Half Sea Elf
Age: 40 Human Years Old
Gender: Male
Orientation: Undefined
Occupation: Bard, Sorcerer

Cove is a light-hearted, friendly person who enjoys a good story. He seeks knowledge out of curiosity not power and is willing to go where ever he must to pursue it. This curiosity often gets him into trouble but does not discourage his interest. He is friendly to all races and types, fun loving, supportive, curious, free-spirited.

[Physical Description]
Standing at five foot and seven inches, this lanky tan half-elf is topped with straight flowy sandy-coloured hair, framing his mischievous smirking face. His movements are smooth, well balanced and graceful.

[Skills & Abilities]


[NOTE by Player]
Cove is still being worked on. He has yet to be played.
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Name; Caitlin Murray Croft
Nicknames; Kate, Lyn, Mur, Croft.
Age; 19
Date of Birth; June 17th
Nationality; American (western/southern).
Orientation; Straight, but easily confused by the same sex when flirted with. Sometimes falls for girls but is too awkward to act upon or express it.

Mechanic working in Jack's shop. She's a backroom worker, meaning that she prefers to be in the back working on the vehicles that deal with people.
She was/is also a Medical School student. She dropped out after only one year as the group was doomed to be closed due to lack of funds and lack of "significant findings", plus she liked working with her mind and hands more than working inside someone else's head.

Shiny things
The word "Shiny"
Using random words instead of the proper noun, verb, or adjective. Like "Shiny" for good/okay/working condition(okay so that's two words...still)/ect.
Mechanical "junk"
Working with technology and mechanics.
Her boss, to some extent.
People who know their mechanics and especially those who know their cars.
Strawberry milkshakes.
Ice cream. Preferably strawberry, varieties of chocolate, really any kind will do.
Climbing trees.
Fixing broken things.
Shiny things like newly polished 24" chrome rims on a fly ride.
Novels. Anything from romance to horror and science fiction to science facts.
Country music.
Punk music. 'Nightfall Radio' when she can catch it.
Pretty things.

Hummers and that sort of large gas-guzzling vehicles.
Little dogs that could be easily sat on AND killed in the same act.
Rodents like mice, rats, and so on.
Camping for months.
Pain. She has a very low tolerance for pain.
Being kept from cities and technology.
Small reptiles.
People breaking things she's just fixed.
Anyone who says her handiwork is not good enough for them.
Being bored.
Eating food she can't identify. Or worse, CAN identify, like squirrels, opossum, duck, lamb, baby deer, etc.

Several small scars gained from her dirty job as a mechanic. That and she's really clumsy so she's almost always has a bandage somewhere on her.
None. She is complely unpierced and unmarked. She's a bit too naive and innocent for that stuff right now. She also doesn't like pain so neither suits her.

Under all of the dirt, grease, and tuffed hair is a lovely young woman. Though you couldn't tell it at first glance. She's not one to wear elegant gowns, dresses, or even a simple skirt. She's more comfortable in blue jeans, or any jeans really, a tee shirt and tennis shoes. Though she does fancy overalls as well. She takes care of her hair, usually wearing a baseball hat while working under vehicles. But she's not vain about it. If grease gets in her hair, it'll wash it. Anything casual, comfortable, and affordable and she'll wear it. She's perfect for fitting under cars as she's just the right height and size to slide right under them and not get caught on anything. Usually. She is five feet and six inches tall, taller then her mom-which makes Caitlin very happy and is one of those girls who eat and doesn't care of she's chubby. As long as she can still fit under the cars.

Youthful, sweet, naive, and caring is what most people say Caitlin is like. And that'd be the truth. Caitlin is most naive for all of the experiences she's been through. Love, loss, friendships being torn to bits and pieces due to jealousy. She's been through more than it would seem. And more than she'd talk about. Though she's shy and quiet while around people, she does enjoy other's company.

She's more of the listener that she is a talker. She is highly and easily excitable. Though depending on the circumstances her excitability can be brief or extended. Once she'd decided her mind it's hard to change it. Unless you have very good proof and are very convincing to her. She will play the simple, hardly educated southern girl most of the time. This way she can either surprise people. Which she likes to do.

Caitlin loves many things and is very fond of contradicting things. Loves trees and nature but hates camping, loves clothes but hate fashion, loves food but hates certain kinds. She is one confusing young woman who can be easily confused at times. Caitlin is really shy around guys but open with women. And easily confused by women as well. Especially when they flirt with her.

Born to Ophelia and Hank Wilson, Caitlin grew up in the south where her parents held high ranking and respected medical careers. Her mother was a brain surgeon at a well-known hospital and her father worked with terminally ill patients at a small clinic. As the only child to the couple, Caitlin had both, advantages and disadvantages. She had all of the attention, which was good and bad. But she didn't have anyone to help with the pressure a child has from their parents to make them proud.

Tragedy struck Caitlin early in life. Her father died of a cancerous tumor, found in his brain when she was six. Whereas most kids would be sent to a counselor to help them through the grieving processes, Caitlin was pulled from public schooling. Which left Caitlin home to be educated by her grandmother, who was a retired substitute teacher well practiced in all subjects. Two years after her father's death, just before Caitlin turned nine, her mother remarried to her step-father, Jason Croft. He loved both Caitlin and her mother and did everything he could to make them happy. Sometimes it'd make one or the other unhappy, but it depended on what ended up being more important.

In most cases, especially in the early years after Caitlin's father's death, she needed attention more so than her mother. Which her mother knew, and didn't seem to care about the lack of attention on her. She had lessened her attention given to Caitlin so that she could focus on her work. If it hadn't been for Jason, Caitlin would have been a very sad and angry child. But he gave her what her mother didn't, which was the love and support Caitlin needed to understand and work through her father's death.

Despite her proper education and strict schooling by her grandmother, Caitlin gained, what her grandmother called "lazy" speech pattern. Meaning she used shortened versions, not always proper abbreviations, of words. And more often than not, she used her own words or words she fancied instead of the one she couldn't pronounce or think of. She didn't care if her grandmother disliked her way of speaking. To Caitlin it was fun. And no one could change that.

After being homeschooled for all of her early school years she asked to be placed in a real school. Somewhere she could learn and make friends. Not that she wasn't popular or anything like that, she just wanted to be able to hang out with her friends who went to normal school. As it turned out, her grandmother had taught her advanced versions of the normal public school's subjects and she passed almost everything perfectly. This attracted unwanted attention from those who weren't as smart or well educated. They too made fun of her accent, an the fact she could speak several languages didn't help her any.

Upon her mother's request, Caitlin went and applied for a scholarship for the Medical School her mother went to. She was accepted, her mother seemed to have influence at the school apparently and swayed the votes in Caitlin's favor. Which Caitlin disliked. She entered Medical School when she was 17 having earned a place in the Social Psychology department, or rather the Social Psychology study group as it was only a hundred students in all. She had earned it due to her mother being on the Medical School's board of staff(as she came to find out when she began her classes) and being a respected brain surgeon.

Though she started this track to make her mother happy, Caitlin's step-father told her to do what made her happy. Which was difficult seeing as she didn't know what made her happy. Aside from working on the cars with Jason. He'd take her to his garage when she had no homework left or had a free day and teach her some hands-on knowledge about how cars, computers, and general mechanics work. He started bringing her to work when she turned eleven and asked what he did for work and why he always has grease and oil on him when he came home.

When he explained his job to Caitlin she declared that she wanted him to come to her parent show and tell day. So people could see and learn how to fix things like Jason did. Though her mother wanted her to be a doctor like herself, she was happy to see Caitlin excited about something once more. She had been gloomy since her father died and took no interest in any hobbies or friends. Though she still enforced that a good paying job wouldn't see Caitlin through nor her children(if Caitlin ever had any) through happily. But a good career would.

After dropping out from Medical School she traveled from city to city looking for a place she felt at home. Somewhere grimy but collected, somewhere she could do her work she loved but not be questioned as to why a girl was a mechanic. She stumbled upon Dayver City when on a road trip with some friends from Florida. Their car broke down seventeen miles outside of Dayver City. And after being towed to a small garage for the car to be fixed, the group had a look around the city...waiting for the moment they could drive out full speed ahead out of Dayver City.

Her friends bade her farewell despite their disappointment on her staying, they headed home and far far far away from Dayver City as they could get on that tank of gas. She got a job working as a backup mechanic for Jack at her Garage, which made Caitlin happy. And a little scared. The garage owner startled Caitlin, but she didn't let that stop her from enjoying her job. And a new life.

She hadn't been in Dayver City since she the age of eight. She had had trouble making and keeping friends after her father died. But there was one she had become even closer to, Tobias Tristan Kendell. Her childhood friend she vowed she'd always remember. He was one of the reasons Caitlin returned to her childhood home town. She'd been looking up old friends, to see if she could get stay with someone while she looked for a place of her own, and sure enough, he came through for her. He even had his same phone number since she had last talked with him.

After getting to Dayver city they spent days and nights catching up. She'd learned some things she wished she never knew but was glad that Toby could talk to her freely. She instilled several secrets in him as well. She never wanted to leave him behind in the first place, but they both knew she had no say in anything as a child. Now she keeps close contact with him and often shares meals with him when they're free.

She felt at home in the grimy, smoggy, dark city. Even if it did scare her, she decided to stay there.
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Name; Wendall Vincent Monroe Sciuto

Nicknames; Wendy, Vinni.
Or the formal nickname of just using his last name; Scuito(mainly by co-workers or people of higher status).
-- "Nightfall Radio" Call Sign; Lazarus Darkstar. Used when on air on his station.
-- "The Lost Whispers of Lazarus" (his website side for "Nightfall Radio" );
-- website aliases and email call signs; The Lost Whispers of Lazarus (the_lost_whispers_of_laza, Shadow Mercy (, Salem Nocturne (,
Age; 27
Date of Birth; August 24th
Nationality; American(born in America, raised in New Orleans)
Orientation; Ambiguous. Seen with either guy or gal, but nothing is concrete about him.

Forensic Scientist- currently hired by the Dayver City Morgue.
Radio Web Pirate- owns his own web radio station legally but still makes illegal air connections.

Anything paranormal
the color black
black lipstick/makeup
video games
computer games
anything "gothic"
most things "out of the normal"
caffeine drinks
Chinese food
Italian food
Greek food
rock, metal, death metal, bluegrass, and dark or depressing music
black fingernail polish
the color red
partying with friends
alcohol- rum, brandy, whiskey, vodka, etc.
ice cream cones- the sugary big ones like waffles
his work- usually
creeping people out

chewing tobacco
drugs, drug users, and most of all drug dealers
people who think they're better then anyone else
boat rides
open water in the middle of the ocean
being told how to act and or dress
not being allowed to work alone, which is how he prefers to work (usually)
rape, murder, and those types of crime
the low budgets Dayver City has for scientists and the justice system in general.
Brussels sprouts
extreme health food nuts
road ragers
rapists, sexual abusers, slave runners, people who abuse others in any way, those type of filth

none that are outstanding.

Nine in total. His first three he had before he was sixteen.

Wendall likes to think of himself as a dark and creepy person that people are wary of. Where in fact he is actually the nice semi-reclusive goth boy who lives next door. Though, in most cases people steer clear of him due to his natural angered look when he is actually calm, and his spikes and black attire doesn't help. Shorter then most of his male co-workers, Wendall grew to a height of five foot and eight inches exactly at the age of nineteen. He hasn't grown a millimeter since. This let's him hide or slip away far easier then his co-workers can, which suits him quite fine. His fast metabolism keeps him rather scrawny looking, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have muscles! He is rather quite fit for someone so scrawny looking. He dresses in "Goth" attire, including numerous piercings, tattoos, body jewelry and wears homemade perfume that smells of gunpowder. He also appears to fear direct contact with sunlight. He likes his pale complexion, it keeps him happy when people leave him alone while he's working.

Growing up next to a wrecking yard had it affects on Wendall. Aside from always feeling as the outcast when around his peers, as he was one of the only if the only kid who had two deaf parents, Wendall was known as the "creepy kid who's most likely a cutter". The rumors about Wendall, and his family, weren't always bad though. He played on those rumors. Really he was just a curious kid with an intense thirst for knowledge...and a wickedly morbid sense of humor. Aside from his mean look and dark first impressions, Wednall is not what most expect a 'Goth' to be. He is actually often sweet, outgoing, tidy, energetic, musical, and geeky. He's a big geek when you talk about technology, anything paranormal, science, psychology, dark....he usually doesn't like talking but when you get him started, one should expect passion from him when he speaks about what he knows and loves. Wendall doesn't date much, since most of the people he could like are afraid of the dark or of his passions. So he's mainly just a big flirt and play kind of guy, but if he wants to he will show and tell his desire for sex. With most people, relationship, business, or otherwise, he's not one to take the first step unless it's his work. But in conversations, or anything like that, he waits to see what the first move of others are. He deals with society and social events much like chess; where he is the black side. Wendall is one to have a drink or two, but not anymore unless he's pouring them. He's a very cautious person, and suspicious of the intentions of others. Despite being an outcast in most social situations-appearance wise that is- Wendall blends in rather well in most environments. After his parents died Wendall had briefly spiraled down into despair, which was not usual for him. It took him a a while and a ton of sad songs before he realized he was doing it all wrong- his parents would not be happy he was letting their deaths keep him from progressing in life. He was better than that, and he knew it. He never talked to anyone about his feelings towards their death. He liked having those soft posts to himself. He did however get back to his normal self after hearing someone complaining about the dirges of a city ripe with crime and grime. He's not one to burden his troubles onto others, unless they're getting paid to listen. But he will talk to people about their own, and try to give advice subtly. Which is part of the reason he began Nightfall Radio. Despite his atypical appearance (to the law enforcement community) he is undeniably competent at his job and enjoys his work. His unrelentingly cheerful demeanor [though refreshing] may hint at an undocumented drug problem-which he's been asked about and denies every time. Wendall has an unusual attraction to the unnatural. He has been known to take photographs of injuries, develop them in neon colors and hang them on his lab or apartment walls. He seems to be well liked by his co-workers in spite of his [or perhaps because of his] irregular lifestyle. It is also possible that his behavior is a reaction, in part, to his parents, who were both deaf.

Growing up with next door to a wrecking yard more then influenced Wendall's early life and interests. It began them. Having deaf parents made Wendall different, but his choices and curious mind made him separated from his peers. He knew three other languages by the time he was in middle school; American Sign Language [ASL], French, and Spanish. Where as his peers were...Well, they were the general bunch of students. He was the curious type who wanted to know the mysteries behind crime and how the law enforcement agencies caught criminals aside from red handed. He went through his schooling at a quickened pace, eager to learn everything he could. Crime was always in, around, and out of his neighborhood.

With crime being such a prominent part of his life, he had two paths to choose from; get along with the other criminally inclined kids, or go against them and fight for an education and place to fight on the side of the law. Either way, he needed something something to keep him from boredom. And somehow he doubted his parents would approve of him becoming a vandal, let alone mass murderer. He did well with his studies and as soon as he could, applied for scholarships where ever they had his interests. In his last year of high school he was notified that he had a solid scholarship in a specialized school he was interested in. As soon as he could, he left his parents (as they were not able to come with him, sadly) with some friends and headed off to start his studies in the fields of crime and science.

In his first two years of college he took on the studies of Materials analysis, ballistics, computer science, blood and tissue analysis, perfume making(as a small side project for extra credit and a girlfriend who talked him into it), ground penetrating radar operator, DNA analysis, reptile and rodent pet care. During his third year of college, which had been going slowly, he started a side operations he called Nightfall Radio, called NR when talking about it in or around school, A pirate web radio station. Which he made little money of of- which wasn't why he started this project to begin with.

He was simply bored and wanted to keep his skills working. Plus, it was exhilarating; practicing his skills while breaking laws. Something he had actually been studying to stop. He used what he learned, and then made up what he didn't know. Each day he'd move around, never kept a real pattern to where he'd show up next. Sometimes it'd be weeks in between his on-air time. Depends on how annoyed he'd managed to get the police or local radio stations. But when Nightfall Radio threatened to interfere with his studies, he was forced(and threatened via email and several live calls from other official radio station managers and owners) to shut it down. He left it behind, until his studies were done at least.

His original goal of becoming a Triple Major in--Sociology, Criminology and Psychology had been fulfilled- he graduated with full honors. Since he still had gotten another scholarship from his top grades and innovative ways of looking at his Criminology, he got another scholarship, and with it he planned to further these subjects and get Master's Degree from the University in Criminology and Forensic Science. He had to wait until the fall semester to renew his classes, which meant he had four months to go back and be with his parents and old friends, those who stuck around their old neighborhood that is.

Wendall never got the chance to, however, as he received news that his parents had been in a car accident- and died. He got the news three days before packing up to head home. The letter he received only said that all of their belongings were put into storage by family friends(the Forthsons) for him to pick up when he could. He graduated from the University with honors, saying it was in honor of his parents' memory. This would be something his parents could be proud of. After he was finished with his schooling, which he regretted for the longest time, blaming himself for his parents' death since they were coming out to see him at school, he retreated into himself and lived off of his inheritance- which wasn't as small as one would think for his family- for three years after their deaths.

When he could no longer stand the loneliness he set out to reopen his web radio station, to upgrade it and to get himself out of his pathetic spiral of doom and gloom. That was not something his parents would be proud of- their son, a bright and creative young man, hiding in his dark apartment to keep from feeling pain the world inflicted on everyday people. He forced himself to re-learn his hacking skills, and some new ones as technology had advanced greatly in those short five years he'd been off the air. He set off to Dayver City, a grimy place he'd heard of from other criminologists, and it sounded like the perfect place to start fighting crimes that thought they'd escape without a trace. Plus, it'd be the perfect place to restart Nightfall Radio.

He was quick to find a work place that needed a Forensic Scientist, especially someone who was willing to take the graveyard shift. Something not many people enjoyed taking. The gods only knew why.He started work immediately. He'd worked at the City Morgue for over two years before he branched out to get a second job. He waited until he was twenty-five, kept his job and became stable in Dayver City, before he set T.U.S. up fully. He added T-shirts, buttons, vehicle decals, temporary tattoos, and stickers to his web radio station's items up for sale. None sold at first, but when he put out an add on his own station saying the proceeds would go to raves, keeping clubs up and running(well those who didn't get the rich people's attention anyways) and also went to him to keep playing music and sharing news the City's law enforcement didn't want known on the air.

Wendall had started a nice, small business which did well with the punks, goths, rockers, and many other social types in Dayver City. It wasn't the reason he'd created T.U.S. but it did work well enough. Except when the DCPD got tired of his spilling news they were holding back. They started tracking his favorite net-cafes he'd air from, and in most cases would almost get him- if he hadn't already routed the server he was using through four others which were across town, where he really aired from. At times he'd have to stay low, just as before, but he'd met some interesting contacts around Dayver City, some which helped him out and some which threw monkey wrenches at him for asking for a special kind of insulation or wiring form local mechanics.

Yes, Dayver City was a good not-so-clean slate for people trying to get away from their pastes. people like Wendall. Though it was not always such a happy-go-lucky life for Wendall in that city. He'd had his days when the thought of skipping town in a hurry had nearly suffocated him, usually those days were after a grisly day at work. Still, Dayver City kept him from being bored with life. The city itself offered more then it liked to show. And Wendall was one of those who wanted to know what the city hide in it's streets and shadowed alleyways.

Always one of the curious ones, Wendall Scuito was.
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Dragon Riders of Pern


Name: Jeran of Ruatha Hold
Pass/Interval: 9th
Age: 19 (born 9 years before the 9th pass)
Gender: Male
Rank: Brown Rider of Ruatha Weyr
Affiliations: Ruatha Weyr, Ruatha Hold, Dragon Riders, Chath

Parents: Edarran of Ruatha Hold, father, Minor, deceased at 47 turns. Istel of Ruatha Hold, mother, she works as one of the healer aids for her Hold's Healer, 45 turns.

Dragon: Chath, Brown, six turns, not mated


Born 9 years before the ninth Pass, he doesn't remember much about Thread. Or what it even looked like. But the stories told by the Harpers captivated him. He wanted to be a Rider when he grew up, even though he knew the likelihood of him becoming one was not very good. Jeran was born shortly after his father died in a cave-in while exploring one of the many cave networks on the Southern Continent.

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Dragon Riders of Pern


Name: M'Rissa (formerly Moirissa) of Bendan Weyr
Age: 16 Turns (born 6 years before the 9th Pass)
Gender: Female
Rank: Gold Queen Rider of Bendan Weyr
Affiliations: Dragon Riders, Bendan Weyr, Miranath

Parents: Lessandra of High Reaches, mother, Dragon Nursery Attendant, 56 turns. Kuittas of Bendan Weyr, father, Dragon Egg Attendant, 55 turns.
Siblings: Hectar, 24 turns.

Dragon: Miranath, Gold Queen, four turns, not mated (yet)
Fire-Lizards: Bran, Bronze (though looks slightly golden), two turns


History: Only daughter of Lessandra and Kuittas. Moirissa grew up in awe of her brother. He was the only one who knew her secret. A secret strong enough that it could take her away from her family. She could converse with Dragons, and she learned Watchwhers as well. Everyone knew that those who could speak with Dragons were highly sought after. Though yes, the people of Pern did already have one who was highly respected and was a chosen Queen Rider, Moirissa didnt want to be taken from her family or home. And she knew that would happen if anyone found out about her gift.

From the young age of four she talked to dragons of all kinds. She was one of the rare ones. They were just open with her. It took her until the age of eight to control who she talked to and when she wanted to talk. The Search came to Bendan Weyr, as usual, and she was found.

Since being bonded to her Queen, Miranath, M'Rissa has been sent across the continent in search of others like her. She had no luck but she tried all the same. Now she is taking a break from her search to explore the Southern Continent, since it is as of yet fully explored. Who knows what might lay in waiting for them? Moirissa sure meant to find out. One way or another.

Before it came time for her Queen to fly, the pair ran away to hide from the pressure of possibly being a Weyrleader. It was hard enough with her talent, but to be a Weyrleader as well would crush M'rissa completely.

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Name; Lucifer Harker(legal name since he was eighteen- birth name was Clark Marion Kennings)

Nicknames; Luce, Lucky H, Lucy, Lusa (sounds like Luce+ah), Mister Harker.
Age; twenty nine
Date of Birth; August 24,1980
Nationality; American
Orientation; Heterosexual- never experimented and doesn't intend to.

Crime Boss when in he was back in his small southern hometown, of which he keeps a secret. However nowadays he runs a trade of drugs, guns, and hired guns wherever he stays. He usually makes a heist then runs. The last place he settled down was in San Diego for six years- He picked up jewelry shop heist there. Even with his nomadic ways, Lucifer still has his contacts, and has been called a "Mobile Crime Boss" by many of his friends and contacts.

Real Southern Home-Made meals and food.
Women who know their place; under his rule.... and bed sheets.
To tease men; he'll flirt but never more then that. He does have some standards.
Stout, local, or beer imported from the UK- mostly from Ireland.
Flowers. He does appreciate the beauty of nature after all.
Mexican food. It's the spices.
Law Enforcement. Surprisingly.
Guns, knives, hammers, saws, and other various easily accessible weapons.
Pumpkin Pie.
Putting his skills to use, most things are easily done with a little touch of elbow grease.
Junk Food.
Moonlit walks by the sea. Yes, he does know what romance is.
Surfing. He picked it up while living along the Californian coastline.
Old Fashion cars. The ones that had real personality, not these soulless piles of metal driven today.
Technological Gadgets. They come in handy when good old fashioned elbow grease doesn't work.
Music. One of his favorite past times is to play his guitar- alone in nature.
The ocean. It's a wonderful place where one can escape and find piece...or be found in pieces.
Mexican style food.
Natural Women. Women who are not altered by any form of unnecessary surgery(IE; plastic surgery, boob jobs, etc.). They just aren't the same.

His biological father.
Hookers; he prefers professional working women.
Kids with no manners, or respect, for their elders. That's just not acceptable to him.
Anyone who skips out on their end of the bargain. That never sits well with him.
Using drugs. He has in the past, but that isn't why he has them on hand...
Being told he's a low life criminal. He's quite the opposite, in fact.
Rent-A-Cops. No one is more pathetic than they are.
Paranoid people. Then usually end up dying of health reasons...which means they don't stay as his customer for very long.
Those secret police, agencies, Black Ops, and the like. They try to blame everything big on the little people. The little people being people like him, of course.
Bright neon colors. They attract far too much attention.
Sandals. What's the use in having uncomfortable shoes on when at any moment he may have to run for his life or kick ass?
Flying. Loves the planes, they're great and all. It's the thought of crashing that unnerves him. Though that does not stop him form flying, when he needs to.

A few here and there. Nothing so exciting as a shark bite or six inch slash across his cheek. He has one scar that he doesn't like to talk about- a three inch light scar which is located on his left side, right below his ribs. He was given this scar by an old friend and enemy, who just so happened to have met a sticky end before Lucifer left San Diego. Other then that scar, there isn't anything out of the usual for a physically active man.

Three tattoos. But he has never shown them to anyone, as of yet. Only his ex-fiancee new about them, and where they were located.

Rough around the edges, Lucifer's name and persona make most people advert their eyes or walk the opposite way once they've seen him. He's one of those guys you'd not want to meet in a dark alley alone- you never know what he might do. Aside from his loose and semi-shaggy hair, Lucifer likes to keep a mildly trimmed beard with side burns and a bit of a mustache. His muscular appearance often leads people to think he's some sort of biker or street fighter, which isn't far from the truth.

He enjoys brawling and will, in most cases, start fights at local bars just for the hell of it. In most cases he wins, but there have been those few times...which he refuses to extensively talk about. Underneath his rugged tough guy appearance, is a tough guy attitude. And yet he is also gentle when around kids. He makes frequent visits to gyms and track yards, to keep in shape and to just go out for fun. He is very physical and won't hesitate to clock someone if he doesn't like them, or their attitude. In those instances, he ends up in a fight. Which, of course, is why he always keeps himself in top shape.

Gentle, caring, smooth-talking, small-town kind of guy. That's Lucifer Harker. Or rather, what he allows people to see. If they knew the inner demon some would say his true self were, well they'd run like a cat out of a cold shower. He's beyond outspoken. If you annoy him, or agitate him in anyway you'll know, one way or another. And for your sake, hope it's not the other. Keeping to his roots Lucifer doesn't stay in big cities for long. Maybe a month or six. But longer then that and he becomes restless. Unlike when he's in a small town. He's been known to stay in a small town for a year or more, still not as long as some people would like- and longer then others would.

Hailing from a small southern town, Lucifer has that charm that makes girls swoon and men cringe in hatred. However with all of the traveling he's done in the past seven years, his accent has changed slightly and now has incorporated that South Australian and 'Lower Class' British sound. But overall his southern accent is the most powerful. It is only when he forces the Australian or British accent, does he sound like someone faking the accents. And only an Aussie or the likes can tell he's not one of their own. He plays up to the women's fantasy of cowboys and sweet talkers. He loves the ladies, with a passion, but won't give much thought or words to women who think they need plastic surgery to look good.

He's a sucker for the sweet-talkers, the wild cards, the can't-catch-me girls. He loves the chase, and he loves it even more after he's caught them. The fun isn't just in the chase. He also likes the hard-to-get girls, they are usually worth the effort. Although he is nice and charming with everyone, easy girls and those which are commonly called sluts or prostitutes. girls he cannot stand. To Luce, selling your body means you have you value in life. Furthermore, the so-called street girls and prostitutes are what he considers the beginning signs of the end of humanity as we know it. He disapproves in anyone who sells their body. But he does understand that sometimes, it's all they can do. Sometimes.

His laid back attitude comes form his mother and how she raised him. After his father left them, she raised him to always be his own man and know when it's time to walk away and when it's time to stand your ground. Granted that didn't help her when she was murdered, supposedly by an unknown man just wanting her money- however there were clues that made Lucifer come to believe his own grandfather was the one who hired her death. It didn't help that Lucifer wasn't born while his parents were married- in fact they never were, his father raped his mother and ran off. Typical city folk. Do what they please and don't think about the consequences.

While usually soft-spoken and mild-mannered, Mister Harker has been known to ruffle a few feathers when angered. And more then that. When he's working, he's working. That's all that matters to him- his job and his teammates, when he has any. Once he's found a target, he is hard to distract and hard to to forget his target. Especially if it's a subject close to him or anyone he cares for.

Growing up as a bastard child isn't that different in these current days. But growing up the bastard child of a Crime Princess and some good-for-nothing-father is a tough gig. And Lucifer could tell you plenty of stories that'd make you scared to fall asleep at night. And he would tell them in a way he knew would get to you, he'd fine out what did it. Don't doubt it.

Early Childhood
Lucifer was raised by his mother, whom never married, and her family. Being raised by a southern family was strict as you could bet, however his particular family was seen as worse. Perhaps that was caused by their criminal activities and loyalties. Either way. Lucifer was raised around criminals, and taught several simple skills by the time he could walk. He was a skilled thief by the time he hit second grade, and not only due to practice. In some cases he was forced to steal, for instance, if he had been sent to bed without dinner or wanted something but wasn't allowed it. By the time he hit middle school he was a smooth-talking southern boy who melted the hearts of every girl who saw him, this included teachers. Some who gave him extra credit assignments occasionally. He learned what women liked before learning what he liked. He was skilled in many things by the time he was fourteen.

Teenage Years
He had a lot of issues with his family. Mainly his father. Although since he never knew his father, he just had unwavering hatred for the man. Not because he left him, and his mother, but because of how he left them. Lucifer wanted to search for his father, not to try and re-claim the man as his father, no, but to kill the bastard for what he'd done to his mother. Though he was head-strong about this, his mother refused his request to search. She didn't want him to be disappointing or to disappear, which was known to happen when things didn't go as planned. He fumed in rage at his family until he turned eighteen, then he fumed less at them and more at the world itself.

Early Adult Years

Shortly after his mother died of suspicious circumstances, Lucifer killed his grandfather in retribution. And in doing so, attained his grandfather's contacts, and everything that went with his family- including debts that his grandfather owed. But he's now paid most of them off, most of them. He spent most of the years traveling around and making world-wide contacts, in case he ever needed them.

Last Two Years - Now
He's been summoned to Dayver City by an anonymous power, this same power that sent his his letter three days after his fiancee and her child were murdered. He doesn't know anything about the city except from what he'd heard on the radio and read in the papers. It seemed the most corrupt city in all of the world, and it might just be. Lucifer would find out soon enough, he'd have to make base there while gathering resources once more.

He was itching to meet this power house that dared summon him. After all, if he had the local powerhouse, then he'd have a better chance of making a living in this city. Maybe. His goal was to just live life as best he could for now. Then he'd find the monster which killed his hopes and dreams, the monster who killed his fiance and child.
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Name; Holly Robinson
Nicknames;  Holls, Hollywood, Hobs, Ylloh(sounds like eel-oh), Robinson, Crusoe.
Aliases used when working; Daria Nichols(current), (occasional for certain cliental)Barbra Vincetti, (first ever alias) Lottie Worthington.
Age; 24
Date of Birth; September 19 Name; Holly Robinson

Nicknames; Holls, Hollywood, Hobs, Ylloh(sounds like eel-oh), Robinson, Crusoe.
Aliases used when working; Daria Nichols(current), (occasional for certain clientele)Barbra Vincetti, (first ever alias) Lottie Worthington.
Age; 20
Date of Birth; September 13
Nationality; American
Orientation; lesbian

Part-time working girl(works in a brothel)
Part-time thief (steals from her buyers as well as breaks into places of rich people)

Feline creatures in general, house cats more commonly.
Being a thief.
Plushies of animals.
Leather, especially black leather.
Singing in the shower. She's not that bad a singer, just really shy.
Comic books, novels. She does read, a lot.
Tattoos and piercings. Mainly on other people though.
Having allies.
Jewels and Jewelry.
Canines, mainly dogs that can be found on the streets of East End.
Meat, mainly red meat like beef.
Law Enforcement catching her red-handed.
Crime bosses, and their little henchmen too.
Guys. They're all jackasses in one way or another.
Law Enforcement setting traps, for her or anyone in general.
Sex with guys. Not even her job makes her do sex, and do things is another story.
Security alarms that have hidden security alarms.
Lawyers, not that she would be against doing business with them...she just doesn't like them in general.
Being confined in tiny places, like a room the size of an airplane lavatory.
High-pitched security alarms.
Turnips, they taste awful and are nothing near what she'd prefer to eat.
From her first ever girlfriend, who was in a devil worshiping/sex cult, she got a 'body tattoo'. It's small and on the right side of her neck, just under the hair line. So it can be covered up with her hair. But she's not afraid to show it, as it wasn't the symbol of that cult..or any other she's researched. It was just an image her girlfriend came up with and wanted to try out. Needless to say, that is the only 'body tattoo' Holly ever wants to have.
Other than that, none. Aside form the general scratches from the street life.
Three tattoos. One spread wide across her shoulder blades, that of a raven with it's wings spread and Celtic designs.. This one's wing tips are barely seen from the front view, however the sides show off the wing tips nicely. It's head is firmly planted on the base of her neck, while it's body is aligned with her spine, and it's wings wrap around her breast nicely as the tail stops at the direct middle of her back.
The other one is small. A heart a crown and winged design around/through it horizontal around her left ankle.
Two piercings. Surprising none out of the ordinary. Just her ears are pierced.
Finely structured jaw bone and facial features, she stands out and yet is able to fit into a crowd easily. She is in peak physical shape, and her body shows it. She is very athletic and well muscled.

Her hair is naturally dark brown/black. Usually worn up, but recently she's cut her hair so it's very short. Those deep medium/dark brown eyes of her's are both deceiving yet charming.

She is near average weight for her age, weighing in at 134 lbs. And she's not that short, standing 5'9" she's slightly above average height for her age.

She wears mostly street-style clothing, to help her better blend in. But she is known to wear elegant outfits, when need be. She prefers tight-yet comfortable casual clothes over everything.</li>
Even though Holly grew up on the lower east side of Dayver city she's kept a mild optimistic outlook. With her father and mother killed at gun point before she was three years old, she had only her older brother as family. And he was no better then any other low life street scum. He used, abused, and tormented her. Everything she earned, found, or gathered, she was forced to give to him.

She was sixteen when he himself finally broke down and raped her in a drunken haze. Whether or not he was drunk, she'd have still defended herself as she had that night. And most likely she'd still have killed him. Nothing was brought against her, however, as she did kill in self defense only.

Don't let her dark demeanor set you off. She is very compassionate and has been known to be charming. And will deny this to no end. She is loving, and even more she is loyal. She has hidden intelligence and cleverness. Like anyone she has some ray of sunshine that keeps her from going insane. She still has hopes and dreams. She's always dream of living a better life. Better than she is now anyways.

She's quirky. In fact very much so. Holly watches humans and animals alike, as if they were her prey. She rolls her "r"s when happy or content. She keeps her distance, emotionally, from people to keep herself safe. She flirts like crazy with every girl she crosses, mostly it's just slight flirting.

Holly's still a thief at heart and likes to do odd thefts when times are slow. She wants to fall in love someday. Just like any girl.
Having watched her parents be slowly set into the ground before she was seven years old, Holly Robinson was not the average girl. She'd seen, heard, and done things many girls that age never thought they would. Nor did their parents for that matter. By the time she was in grade school she was making money, and not by the usual way of selling girl scout cookies.

She was thirteen when she first started her 'special work' for her brother. He'd sit on the steps of their ruddy old apartment complex down near Back Alley and wait for someone looking for him. He'd sit out all day sometimes, and not have any work. Most days however, it'd only take until school or nine to five day jobs let out. Straight to home she'd go, if she was last she'd be feeling the consequences for weeks. Usually it'd be she'd get home, have time to eat and do her homework, then she'd have to go with one of her brother's 'friends'.

She was fifteen when she ran away the first, and last, time. She'd been missing for over six months, and to most families that'd have been bad, maybe even worrisome. But not for Holly's. Her brother was glad he didn't have to deal with her anymore. That was, until the sharks came to pick up his debt to them. He paid with his life in the end. Apparently no one actually knew he had a sister, that was, no one he'd ever worked with knew about her. Why this was, Holly didn't know and never asked about. The fact that he kept her a secret, for whatever his reasons, kept her safe.

When she'd come back home, for lack of anywhere else to live, she'd found no sign that he'd ever lived in that apartment. The rent was still paid for three months in advanced, but it seemed like an empty place. There were no signs that anyone was watching the place either. Whoever Davey had wronged, they took what they came for and left it as though he'd just..disappeared. This helped Holly much more then she'd thought. She had been able to convince the land lady change the name on the rent form, and state that she was renting the place now and not Davey. She gave an assumed name which the land lady knew about, so she was even safer.

She started a whole new life, yet lived the same. Only this time, her boss was herself. For the most part. Until she got hooked into drugs and becoming a street walker. all thanks to her first girlfriend- known as 'Sally Feelgood'. Her real name was Harriette Price, according to her. With a name like that, who'd lie about that being a fake real name? Holly knew she wouldn't. Holly broke it off with 'Sally', having been mutilated in her sleep and not know it(she gained a scar on the back of her neck), and moved on to work at a brothel in the 'upper' side of Back Alley.

Though that mark on her neck will always be there with her through life, she's grown fond of it. And, though Sally was one of those 'Satan Worshipers', it made her remember the good times with Sally. Which had been really good times. She currently works at the brothel, and only works for female buyers, that was the deal with the brothel owner. She works for a cheaper price, so long as she can keep her standards in tact. IT was a good deal on both party's parts.


my sign is vital, my hands are cold ,

name: Holly Robinson
super hero alias: Catwoman - Current.Daria Nikols - when she worked the streets.
age: 19
home planet/town: Gotham City(East End), Earth.
hair: Naturally medium brown/dark brown. Usually worn up, but recently she's cut her hair so it's barely above her shoulders.
eyes: Medium/dark brown.
face & body: Finely structured jaw bone and facial features, she stands out and yet is able to fit into a crowd easily. She is in peak physical shape, and her body shows it. She is very athletic and well muscled.
distinguishing features: Golden Slit-eyes while empowered.

super power(s): Power of Diana; gifted bye Diana the Roman Goddess of Archery, with a portion of her skill and strength as a hunts-woman. Heightened Senses
Abilities Master Archer: gifted with the skill of Diana with a bow and Arrow.
Tracking: gifted with the skill of Diana with tracking others. Skilled Stealth  Skilled Athlete Hot-wiring, Lock-picking, Skilled Thief, Skilled Acrobat
Martial Artist: trained by Selena. She is a clever and resourceful fighter, known for precise, agile attacks and speedy getaways. Her formidable hand-to-hand combat skills are augmented by her cat-like speed, reflexes, balance, and flexibility. Has also mastered Dragon Style Kung Fu and Karate.(all taught to Holly by Selena)
Boxing: Ted Grant trained her in a form of kick-boxing adapted for street use, as well as English boxing.
Weapons Skill: She is proficient in the use the whip, firearms, and knives.
Feline Empathy: Holly has an affinity for cats, something she picked up from Selena Kyle. Feline species tend to flock to her, accepting her almost immediately, recognizing somehow that she is not an enemy but a friend. This allows her to calm injured cats, train them, befriends them, and form strong bonds with them. These animals will even sometimes come to her defense when she is attacked. If it wasn't for Selena training Holly how to act and treat felines, this wouldn't be possible.

Strength level: Holly possesses the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise.
weight: 134 lbs.
height: 5'9"
clothing style: She wears mostly street-style clothing, to help her better blend in. But she is known to wear elegant outfits, when need be. She prefers tight-yet comfortable casual clothes over everything.
face claim: Neve Campbell

i'm on my knees looking for the answer,

likes: Feline creatures in general, house cats more commonly. Being a thief. Chocolate Leather, especially black leather. Sewing. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, they're odd but clever. Gymnastics. Having allies. Jewels and Jewelry. Canines, mainly dogs that can be found on the streets of East End. Women. Meat, mainly red meat like beef.
dislikes: Law Enforcement. The Joker. The Penguin. Traps. Security alarms that have hidden security alarms. Clayface. Being confined in tiny places. Two-face, he's literally a two-faced bastard. High-pitched security alarms. Turnips. Her parents, hence her running away as she did.
strengths: Compassion. Intelligence. Cleverness. Love. Loyalty. Charm.
weaknesses: Selena, one of her greatest weaknesses yet strengths. Love. Greed. Hope.
fears: Loosing her Selena, her two brothers, or anyone else she loves.
secrets: She's still a thief at heart and likes to do odd thefts when times are slow. She wants to fall in love someday.
dreams: To live a good life. Better than she is now anyways.
quirks: She watches humans and animals alike, as if they were her prey. She rolls her "r"s when happy or content. She keeps her distance, emotionally. She flirts like crazy with every girl she crosses, mostly it's just slight flirting.

detailed personality: three or more well-written paragraphs.

there is no message we're receiving ,

mother and father: She doesn't talk about them, ever. She's never disclosed their names to anyone.
siblings: David Robinson (older brother- 22 years old), last to known to be working at a bar in St. Roch. She has another brother which she hasn't had contact with since she ran away form home.
birthplace: East End, Gotham City.
hometown: Gotham City.
pets: Several cats, all are inside/outside cats. Some aren't even owned by Selena, they just are regular visitors.
children: None.
nationalities & languages: American. She studies several languages both on her own and while with Selena(who taught her). The languages she is fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in are; English (first language), Latin, Russian, French, and Spanish. She can only fluently read and speak; Mandarin, Egyptian, and Greek.

detailed history: Holly has two siblings, a brother named David and another whose name has not been revealed. Both Holly and Selena were prostitutes who met when Selena rescued Holly from a cop who was trying to hustle her. However, when Selena became Catwoman, she left Holly behind. She was fifteen. After escaping the streets, Holly joined Selena's sister, Maggie, at her convent. However she never felt entirely a part of that world, and a few years afterwards she left the convent, parting ways with Maggie. Holly returned to the streets and went back to drugs and prostitution. After a series of brutal murders of working girls, Holly returned to the original apartment that she and Selena had once shared, and finding that Selena had returned, was happily reunited with her friend. Holly cleaned up her act and became a sidekick of sorts to Selena, working as her eyes and ears and ferreting out what was happening on the streets of the East End for her. She met up again with an old friend, Karon, and the two of them have been dating since. Holly was severely traumatized after she was forced to kill Sylvia, a childhood friend of Selena's who had turned on her. Holly isolated herself for a time, and stole some of Maggie's painkillers. However, she didn't take any of the drugs and healed to some degree when Selena and she reunited. Selena decided that Holly needed some training if she was to be involved in her crime-fighting, and took her on a road trip to train with Ted Grant. They then traveled through several cities before ending up in St. Roch, where it was revealed that Selena and Slam had located her brother David. She found him working at a bar and the two caught up. He revealed that he had run away also a few years later, and had traveled around the world. One year later, Holly Robinson had taken over as the new Catwoman, replacing Selena Kyle, who has retired. Selena had a kid, the father's identity was kept secret form most people- but Holly knew, and wanted to get away from the criminal life and those who'd wish revenge on her or her child's father. Selena and Holly lost contact for a brief time, which worried Holly, but in time they re-connected. Everything happened so fast for Holly, first she met Selena and found out there was more to life then just survival, she found David and keeps in contact, and she found a reason to be alive. She was honored to be handed the mantle of Catwoman, and by her friend at that. She promised herself she would do what she could do to save the innocent.Her first day as Catwoman; she was ambushed by Angle Man. He proceeded to bind her hands and feet, cover her mouth with a piece of duct tape, and then tried to throw her off of a rooftop. Although Holly escaped, she was caught on film administering a brutal beating to Angle Man. Reluctant to ask Selena for help, Holly turned instead to Ted Grant. At age seventeen, Holly was arrested after she took the blame for the murder of Black Mask (Selena had actually committed the crime.) She was rescued from jail by Selena and took a short break from being Catwoman. While Selena was getting Holly's real name erased from the police database, Holly again suited up as Catwoman to rescue a kidnapped girl from a new villain named Blitzkrieg. During the rescue she ran into Hammer and Sickle, who wanted Selena dead, and were perfectly willing to dispose of Holly in the meantime. Selena arrived and the two escaped. Again, Selena went underground and ceased contact with almost everyone, except Holly and a few others.

Shortly after Selena fully retiring and, due to circumstances unknown to Holly(Joker was after Selena and her child in revenge towards Batman), Holly became Catwoman full-time. In her second year as Catwoman, shortly after she turned eighteen, Holly rescued an elderly homeless man, moving him away from debris falling from a destroyed building. Homeless herself, she was offered a place to stay by a mysterious woman wearing a stola or chiton who goes by the name Athena. Holly accepts the offer to stay at an Athena Women's Shelter, which houses battered and abused women. One of the residents is a reformed Harley Quinn. After some time at the women's shelter, it eventually becomes apparent that Athena, running the shelter, is in fact the nefarious Granny Goodness who takes to training these women - Holly and Harley among them - to be her new Female Furies. After they are brought to an island for training, Holly and Harley meet the real Athena, and encounter Mary Marvel. The group reveal Granny's deception, and Holly, Harley and Mary follow her as she retreats to Apokolips. With Mary's help, the group manage to free the Greek/Roman gods, and Holly is granted the powers of Diana as a reward.
anything else?: Though she started out as a working girl in the East End of Gotham, she was saved from that life by Selena Kyle and became her apprentice shortly after. Yet she is still is considered a thief to most others, as she does commit grand schemes every now and then. The proceeds from her schemes usually go to the down-trotted of the East End of Gotham.
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[IMG*]image please?[/IMG*]
don't hesitate, Starfire, we won't tell anyone
you're really seventeen(unknown but assumed) years old. you're actually one
hell of a girl, even though people love to say that
you roll with the Teen Titans. but, i disagree, you're
clearly one of a kind.[/align][/font][align=center]my sign is vital, my hands are cold ,[/font]
name: Koriand'r(true name), but Kori Anders (for earth purposes).super hero alias: Starfire age: Seventeen (unknown but assumed)home planet/town: Auburn to red-orange. It seems to change fomr time to time depending on how the light hits it. She wears it down and straight, it's usual way.eyes: Green. Very round and expressive yet decieving at the same time.face & body: Roundish face detailed with small eyebrows and her large green eyes. Her body is slightly lanky, and is deceptive. She is stronger then she looks.distinguishing features: Her bright, round, green eyes. And her height; she stands roughly six foot even. super power(s): Flight Starfire can fly under her own willpower without the aid of wings or any other external applications. Energy Projection Stafire can project green bursts of "starbolt" energy from the palms of her hands. After going through the Tamaranean version of puberty (referred to as the "Transformation"), Starfire developed new powers. She gained the ability to channel her starbolt energy from her eyes, which was largely reserved as a surprise attack or when her limbs were restrained.Self-Sustenance Starfire also has the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without any sort of protection or survival gear. Superhuman StrengthAbilitiesMultilingual In addition to her native language, Starfire is also proficient in American English, and many other Earth languages.weight: Roughly 139 lbs. She doesn't know, she's not one to wigh herself.height: Roughly six foot even. Maybe six foot and two style: Her style is often unique in the way that it is considered odd by most people. She usually just wears a normal Tamaranean outfit; purple and silver/grey shirt and skirt or a suit.face claim: obvious.
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likes: Yellow Mustard.Silkie.Her friends.Shopping, with or without friends(Raven that is).Bad people.Fighting. But she does it anyways, only because she's needed.Flying.dislikes: Her sister, Darkfire.Fighting with anyone. Especially her friends.Being confused and laughed at. Being an alien is hard enough.Spooky things.Scary movies.strengths: Her friendships with the other Teen Titans.Loyalty to friends and people she cares for.Being positive when others are not.Knowing when to fight and when to backdown.weaknesses: Starfire, like many Tamaraneans, is allergic to Metallic Chromium. When she sneezes, she unleashes Star-Bolt energy out her nose and mouth.The saftey of her friends.Cute animals, alien or not.Shopping or going shopping with friends.Mustard, but not dangerously so. She just likes it way too much.fears: To lose all of her friends on earth, especially; Raven, Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.To not be able to help her friends out when they are in battle, or not feeling happy.secrets: She has a few secrets she must keep hidden, for her friends' sakes as well as her's. Nothing outrageous...just about her family and home planet.dreams: To one day bring peace to her world and to her friends of all kinds. quirks: Her way of speaking is unusual; Starfire speaks without contractions, and misuses idioms (e.g. "Kick the butt!" as opposed to "Kick butt!").She has a contaigeous happy aura around her.(contaigeous being a good thing sometimes.)detailed personality: three or more well-written paragraphs.
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mother and father: Unknown, her parents died when she was young. No one talked about them to her, or her siblings.siblings: Blackfire, older sister, 20(unknown, but not much older than Starfire, Galactic Thief. birthplace: Tamaran.hometown: Tamaran.pets: Silkie; A giant moth larva.children: None.nationalities & languages: Tamaranean. Though she knows American English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Scottish, and several other Earth languages. She is proficent in each language she has learned, however she is not fluent and has difficulty with the commonly used slang of each language. She has difficulty with grammar and often peppers her dialogue with terminology from her home planet of Tamaran. detailed history: four well-written paragraphs or sixteen detailed paragraphs.
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member title: no more than seven words, the rules?: Most indeedly.anything else?: She has orange skin (common to Tammaraneans); When preparing to fire her Starbolts, Starfire's eyes will glow green
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gn=center]Raven(Rachel Roth),[font={defaultattr}]

don't hesitate, Raven, we won't tell anyone
you're really age(this incarnation!) years old. you're actually one[/font]
name: Rachel Rothsuper hero alias: Raven. age: Eighteen (two years after her father-Trigon- tried to use her as The Portal)home planet/town: Technically, she was born in another dimension- Purple to Black, depends on the lights and which 'self' is on the surface (purple hair is normal, where as black is her darker self). She usually wears it down and almost always cut just above her shoulders.eyes: Purple/Blue, depends on her moods(normal purple when she's calm, blue with her magical black aura when she is agitated). Except for when her demonic self asserts itself, they become red and she ends up having four eyes.face & body: Petite, but not skinny. Raven doesn't eat like her fellow Titans tend to, she keeps away from junk food mainly due to the fact she doesn't like most of varieties. She is slim, and some would call her sleek-looking, if she wanted to she could most likely dance gracefully. But Raven would not do such a thing, it's meaningless for her.distinguishing features: When embracing her dark heritage, Raven's appearance takes on a more demonic visage which includes an extra set of glowing red eyes. Also, her purple hair, purple eyes, gray skin, and chakra stone tend to give her away.super power(s): Raven has a wide range of powers which appear to be rooted in the supernatural. Though not required, Raven often speaks the phrase "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" to focus her abilities. Telekinesis: Raven demonstrates this power most often, levitating boxes, buses, and other inanimate objects into the battle, encased in her dark, mystical energy. She has, on several occasions, demonstrated that she can use her telekinesis on human beings. Magic: Raven demonstrates on several occasions her ability to use magic, most notably after the evil dragon Malchior teaches her to use her magic. Levitation: Apparently, Raven cannot fly. Instead, she uses her telekinesis to lift her body so that she may float off the ground. Phasing: Raven has shown many times her ability to teleport. Using her dark powers, she melts into walls and floors, sometimes in the shape of a giant bird. Teleportation: She can teleport, but it seems to take a lot out of her. She always teleports in the form of a giant Raven. Precognition: Raven seems to be able to detect some of the future. This doesn't happen all too often, but the visions have almost always come true. Soul-self: Raven shows one of less known signature moves when she is deeply emotional and uncontrolled. Raven uses a soul-self like power to defeat her enemies.. Healing: This Raven has the ability to heal wounds, not only healing others but herself. Sensing: This may or may not be considered a power, but Raven has the ability to "sense things" like where people are, what they're doing, and things like that.Abilities;Multilingualism: Raven is fluent in several languages. In reading, writing, and speaking. Occultism: Raven is well-versed in the occult and is familiar with mystical rites from both her home dimension as well as Earth.Strength level;Raven has the strength of a woman her age who who engages in moderate regular exercise.weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)height: 5' 11"clothing style: She is often seen in dark colours, primarily blue and black, or dark purple and black. She is also often seen in her 'work' clothing (leotard, boots, hooded cape, tool belt, ect.).face claim: obvious.
[align=center][color=EE2C2C]i'm on my knees looking for the answer ,[/color]
likes: [ul] Books.Spell Books.Time alone. This is a must.Herbal tea.Pizza.Broody, moody, goth, punk, rock, emo, diabolical music and art is general. Movie night with her friends.Her friends(Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, just to name a few).Her mother, or what she remembers of her.Magic. How could she not?Azarath. It will always be where her heart lies.Medtitaing. Alone.Pink lemonade. Yes, that is something hardly anyone knows of. For good reason.Sweet drinks, but only occasionally.Dresses, surprisingly. But only if they are of gothic style, and in dark or gothic colours(such as mild to dark reds, greens, purples, blues, greys, and ofcourse black).
Crowds, mainly social events.Bright, cheery decorative items. Bright, cheery music.Her father, Trigon.Most of her brothers.Being called weird, creepy, morbid, evil, and witch.Being called sweet, cheery things such. People going into her room. She really hates when they do.People messing with her possessions.Her enemies, both past and present.Skirts. In any colour or style.
She is deeply loyal to her friends. Although she does not usually show it, she does care for them and their well-being. She can keep a secret much like the ancient pyramids do, not that anyone would compare her to one. She is often the voice of  reason with her friends, mainly when they are fighting. Both, between themselves and with their true enemies. Her gift of magic is, perhaps, one of her strongest additional gifts she has. She often uses her magic to keep herself, emotional wise that is, in check. Though she does use her magic to aid herself and allies. She's well versed in the art of listening.
Because of her demonic upbringing, Raven has severe emotional issues verging on multiple personality disorder. Though she usually maintains a subdued demeanor, her full range of emotions have been personified within the environment of her soul-self. Each aspect was represented as wearing a different colored robe: green (brave), gray (timid), pink (happy), red (rage), orange (rude), yellow (intelligence), purple (friendship), brown (sadness), and white which represents having full control over (or suppression of) all emotions.
Loosing control of her emotions, and thus losing control of her demonic self.Losing the friends she currently has. They are, in their own ways, an anchor for her.
She is half demonic, her closest friends and family are the only ones who know this for a fact.She's affraid to fall in love or become deeply emotionally attached to people. It could mean loosing her control if they got hurt, and that'd be bad.She likes that she creeps people out, she just wished that her friends knew this was part of her sense of humor.
To be completely in control of her demonic self.She hopes to one day, maybe, have a family and honor what her mother would have wished.She hopes that one day, the titans can be more then just heroes, and still be friends.It is her most deep, and sincere hope that her father is forever destroyed. Even if it is only this dimension's part of him. Only then would she ever truly be free of him and her prophecy.
She has a very dry, very sarcastic, and dark sense of humor. She often cause her eyes or self to glow with her aura of dark magic. This is to scare people who annoy her.She will smile, grin, or even smirk. But almost never laugh in anyway. Maybe a chuckle, if it's dry and sarcastic, ofcourse.
detailed personality: Loyalty runs deep in her soul, as does the need to protect her loved ones if harm should threaten them. This would include if she herself would harm them, she'd leave them to make sure they were safe. Despite her apparent shyness, Raven is quite outgoing. And has shown the ability to accept and have fun on many occasions. Even if she's never truly expressed this. [/ul]
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mother and father: Angela Roth (Arella), deceased. Trigon, unknown age, evil demon.siblings: All vary in ages and are Half(demon half)-Brothers; Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Sloth. All are possibly deceased or hidden in other dimensions. None have made contact with Raven since the recent fall of their father, Trigon.birthplace: Azarath.hometown: Technically, Azarath.pets: None.children: None.nationalities & languages: Azarathian. Raven is fluent in several languages including English, German, Latin, Romanian, Ancient Sumerian, and Sanskrit.detailed history: Before joining the Titans, Raven was born the daughter of the demonic lord Trigon and the human Arella in the realm of Azarath. During most of her life there she had been raised by monks and was taught how to use her powers and control her emotions, but at some unknown point in her life it was revealed to her that she would be used as a key element in her father's eventual take over of the universe, after this revelation she fled Azarath and went to Earth hoping to escape her fate. She soon arrived in a large city in california known as Jump City, but at the time of her arrival the city was in a current state of turmoil do to an invasion initiated by the Gordanian race who were seeking the escaped princess Starfire of Tamaran who they were planning to give to the Citadel as a prize. While wandering the streets Raven eventually came across the escaped princess who was currently in a battle with three renegade heroes (Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy), seeing the situation she attempted to stop the fighting and explained to them that fighting would get them nowhere, after having tried to resolve the fight peacefully the princess escaped and warned them not to follow her. After a few discussions the four decided to introduce themselves and work together to find the princess and save the city from the Gordanians. After searching the city they find the princess and convince her to join their team and with her help they invade the Gordanian mothership and defeat the menace once and for all. After the victory Robin convinces Raven and the others to join together and become a superhero team that would one day be known as the Teen Titans.
anything else?: Raven has lived several lives, and yet with each new life she still seems to have the same thing held over her- the prophecy that she will bring her father's rule over earth, no matter how she tries to stop it. Or which timeline or dimension she is in. And yet it never stays manifested for long, so in the end the day and world is saved. So it would seem.
[align=center][color=EE2C2C]and so long to de[/color]